<i>Midsommar</i> builds up to a disappointing pay-off
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Midsommar builds up to a disappointing pay-off

Hereditary is one of the best, most effective horror films I’ve ever witnessed. It may be the scariest, too, so my anticipation for director Ari Aster’s sophomore follow-up was through the roof. Midsommar‘s screening started with a bit of technical difficulties, so I became pretty eager as time went by. Once we get through a very intriguing … Continue reading

Levi is fantastic, <i>Shazam</i> among best DC has to offer
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Levi is fantastic, Shazam among best DC has to offer

The DC Extended Universe has been a mess. There’s nothing about Justice League and Batman v. Superman that inspires confidence in the DCEU succeeding for the long run. But Shazam! isn’t the DCEU — it’s almost a different breed. There’s a beautiful blend of comedy, drama and feel-good moments that make this a top two DC/Warner Bros. film (the first being Wonder … Continue reading