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Idris Elba to star in Fast and Furious spinoff with Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham

Actor Idris Elba is gearing up to star in Hobbs and Shaw, the Fast and Furious spinoff starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham’s character.

There’s no denying the success of the Fast and Furious franchise, both globally and domestically. After The Fate of the Furious, there were questions swirling around Johnson’s involvement in the future of the saga. Both Johnson and Statham had fantastic chemistry on-screen, so it was only a matter of time before Universal ordered a spinoff starring both characters, Hobbs and Shaw.

hobbs shaw

Photo: Universal Pictures/IMDB

According to Variety, Elba is the latest actor to sign onto the project, and sources tell the entertainment outlet that he’ll be the main antagonist. Now, Elba isn’t a stranger to the villainous role — see, The Wire — so it almost seems like a natural fit. There’s also the ridiculous physique of Elba that pairs alongside Johnson and Statham. This is gonna be a testosterone-filled entry to the F&F franchise, no doubt.

Director David Leitch is on board to helm the spinoff, which is a positive sign considering the wonderful fight choreography found in John Wick and Deadpool 2.

Hobbs and Shaw is expected to hit theaters July 26, 2019.


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