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Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul shares photos with captions that make us happy and sad

Breaking Bad is undeniably one of the better shows of this television era. Don’t believe me? Um, well, uh —

watch the series and see for yourself. Actor Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman, is, alongside actor Bryan Cranston, the face of the series. 

On Thursday, Paul shared photos from the recent Breaking Bad spread on Entertainment Weekly. He then adds a simple quote from the character, making this a bittersweet series of posts.

Hank’s hit me right in the feels.

See all of them below (one of the posts contains a bit of language):

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“I loved her more than anything”. 🖤

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🖤 JERE: Colleen, we’re not here to sit in judgement. JESSE: Why not? Jesse looks up, eyes blazing. He fixes Jere with a challenging glare. JESSE: Maybe she’s right. Maybe I shoulda put it in the paper. Maybe I shoulda done something different… The thing is… if you just do stuff and nothing happens — what’s it all mean? What’s the point? (a bitter realization) Oh, right, this whole thing is about “self-acceptance." JERE: Kicking the hell out of yourself isn’t going to give meaning to anything. JESSE: So I gotta stop “judging” and “accept”? JERE: That’s a start. JESSE: (fury building) No matter what I do, hooray for me, I’m a great guy! It’s alllll goooood. No matter how many dogs I kill, I “do an inventory” and “accept." You back your truck over your own kid and you, like, “accept”?! What a load of crap! JERE: Jesse, I can see you’re in pain, but — (The professional empathy gets under Jesse’s skin.) JESSE: You know what? Why I’m here in the first place? To sell you meth. All of you, you’re nothing to me but customers! (to Jere) I made you my bitch. You okay with that? You “accept”? Jere is truly pissed now. Maybe that’s all Jesse wanted from him in the first place. JERE: No. Jesse looks around the room, searching for someone to challenge him. But there’s nothing but hostile silence. JESSE: About time.

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