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Report: Star Wars‘ Kelly Marie Tran deletes all her Instagram posts due to harassment

Actor Kelly Marie Tran, who played the fearless Rose Tico in The Last Jedi, has deleted all of her Instagram posts due to users reportedly harassing her.

Star Wars Facts tweeted that Tran wiped her Instagram clean in light of the “harassment she has received for her character Rose.”

Her Instagram, which is here, still has zero posts as of Tuesday morning.

All of this news is incredibly sad and represents just how terrible the internet can be. While The Last Jedi may have been a divisive film for Star Wars fans — I disagree and think it’s, technically-speaking, the strongest film of the saga — this is no excuse for harassing an actor who did her job (and honestly, she was good in the film).


Photo: Lucasfilm/IMDB

E! said that Tran was victim of months of harassment.

“Days after Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters, Tran’s character’s bio on the Wookieepedia website was altered to feature racist language,” E!’s  reported.

Another instance of bullying was spewing from an alt-right internet personality, E! also added.

While the internet can be great, this situation makes me wonder just how vile some people can be.


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