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Avengers: Infinity War poised to hit $1 billion after 2nd weekend

If you were to tell me Avengers: Infinity War would be a billion-dollar movie after its second weekend —

I’d most definitely believe you.

Marvel’s golden child for 2018 is aiming for $1 billion in total box office revenue entering into its second weekend. Opening weekend for Infinity War shattered records and, according to Box Office Mojo, brought in a total of about $640.4 million worldwide. As of Friday morning, the film sits at a cool $857,531,270 worldwide.

If 2012’s The Avengers is any indication, then Infinity War is most likely reaching the billion-dollar mark after this weekend. Let’s break it down a bit:

  • In its second weekend, The Avengers brought in $103,052,274 domestically
  • This totaled about $310.4 million over two weekends for The Avengers, while Infinity War made $257,698,183 during its opening weekend domestically
  • Let’s say Infinity War makes a domestic amount in its second weekend similar to The Avengers: this would bring the worldwide total (without factoring in the second foreign box office weekend for Avengers and Infinity War) to $960.5 million

Photo: Disney/Marvel Studios

I think it’s fair to say that a $40 million difference will be covered because, well, this is by far a more anticipated film. And there ARE moviegoers who have yet to see this film worldwide or are re-visiting it for a second or fourth time.

Oh, and Infinity War has yet to open in China. Come May 11, according to Screen Rant, we’ll see a huge uptick in box office revenue.

Dollar dollar bills, y’all.


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