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Movie-a-day monthly plan returns for MoviePass members

MoviePass has made quite the name for itself since the beginning of 2018.

After eliminating its unlimited movies plan a couple of weeks ago, the company announced Wednesday that the original movie-a-day model is back. According to Wired, the $10-a-month plan to see a movie each day was brought back from the dead, and CEO Mitch Lowe said they’re committed to keeping it in tact.

“It’s fine-tuning this model,” Lowe said to Wired. “Everybody wants a consistent offer. Believe me, I want a consistent offer.”


Photo: MoviePass/New University

This unlimited model began last August and has picked up steam ever since, even amid reports of several users’ issues with the app and waiting period for the card. But the problems aren’t just via MoviePass themselves.

Reportedly, users are abusing the system. Lowe said to Wired that there are “hundreds of thousands” that misuse MoviePass.

I guess this is sometimes why we can’t have nice things, huh?

For more information on MoviePass, click here.


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