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What’s the early buzz for Infinity War?

It’s Thursday — or AVENGERS DAY as some will name today!

Across the U.S., most theaters are choosing to screen Avengers: Infinity War a bit earlier than Friday. This means lots of early buzz is rolling in.

For those who have seen this movie, well, you have your opinion. And I do, too! The early talk of the town, however, is Infinity War is a bit back-and-forth in the minds of critics.

Let’s take a look at Metacritic (as of Thursday):

Based on 50 critics, the film averages to a 68.

For Rotten Tomatoes (as of Thursday):

Based on 180 critics and 42 top critics, the film is at an 88% Fresh rating.

Listen, whichever way you lean after seeing Marvel’s decade-long culmination to Thanos’ destruction, it’s OK to fall within or outside of the averages!

All I know is that this movie crushed me.

Infinity War hits theaters April 27, 2018.


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