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John Krasinski explores idea of The Office reunion as Christmas special

To be fair, I’ve seen only a single episode of The Office (U.S.), but I understand the TV series has a huge following. And for good reason — it’s funny. However, it’s been off the air since 2013, which makes talks of a reunion all the more interesting.

Director/Actor John Krasinski — who played Jim Halpert in the show — told IGN UK that he’d love a full reunion, but he also mentioned that it might be better to do a single special than another run of the series.

“I’ve talked about it a bunch,” said Krasinski to IGN UK. “I love the idea of coming back together [but] I think it’d be impossible to get us all together to do a run of the series. But [British shows] have the Christmas specials.”

While no official bits of news surrounds the possible reunion, mentions of the cast coming back together have escalated since Krasinski finished filming A Quiet Place.


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