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Wes Anderson tugs on your heartstrings in Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs is director and writer Wes Anderson’s ninth feature-length film, his first since The Grand Budapest Hotel in 2014. Wes revisits stop-motion animation, and tells a unique tale about one boy’s quest to find his dog.

Atari, voiced by Koyu Rankin, is the distant nephew to Mayor Kobayashi, a tyrannical leader who loves cats and hates dogs. Kobayashi begins a major deportation of several dogs to Trash Island, where Man’s Best Friend is starved and basically told to fend for themselves.

One day, even Atari’s bodyguard dog Spots — voiced by Liev Schreiber — is deported to the Isle of Dogs in a steel cage, destined for death. Once Atari reaches the island, he and a group of dogs realize Spots is still alive, and their adventure begins.

What a treat this film is — no pun intended.

Watch the rest of the review below!

I was treated to an early screening of this film for purposes of this review, thanks to Allied Integrated Marketing and Fox Searchlight. ❤

Isle of Dogs is rated PG-13, runs 1 hour and 41 minutes and hits select theaters April 6, 2018.



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