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Am I a nerd or is Mahershala Ali hinting at a Star Trek role?

I woke up from a heavy nap well after my timer went off and did what most do: scroll through Instagram because, somehow, I’ve become attached to IG Stories.

As I’m scrolling through my timeline, I notice actor Mahershala Ali (if you haven’t seen Moonlight, here are good reasons why you should) took a photo of two molds. They’re of him and they’re bust shots, BUT it’s his caption that had me curious.

Take a look:

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A post shared by Mahershala Ali (@mahershalaali) on

That looks awfully similar to the Vulcan sign from Star Trek, no?



I mean, sure, it’s totally possible he’s using it to signify, “Hey, these are cool, man.” But the nerd inside of me wants to believe he’ll be in the next untitled Star Trek film. Whether it’ll be directed by J.J. Abrams and written by director Quentin Tarantino or not, I’m on board with Ali joining the Trek universe.

Heck, at this rate, I’m down with any new project starring Ali.


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