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From Worst to Best of 2017: Middle of the Road

Phew — I got through the bottom of the barrel for 2017. While those films aren’t the most pleasurable to watch, you gotta watch the bad ones to know what the good ones look like, right?

Luckily, I’m almost to the top of the mountain. These next slew of films aren’t horrible, but they never quite made the most lasting impression on my young soul. Here are the mid-tier films I saw in 2017.

Side note: Using Letterboxd has helped me keep a diary. If you’re a moviegoer, it’s something you should be using.

#29: IT

#28: Despicable Me 3

#27: Kong: Skull Island

#26: All the Money in the World

#25: Alien: Covenant

#24: Logan Lucky

#23: Wonder Woman

#22: Call Me by Your Name

#21: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


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