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From Worst to Best of 2017: Climbing to the Top

We’ve broken through the worst, we’ve passed the mid-tier films. Now, we’re talkin’ business. These next films are good enough for many people’s top 10, however I found them to be held back by one too many factors. Nonetheless, they’re fun enough to warrant second viewings.

Let’s do this.

Side note: Using Letterboxd has helped me keep a diary. If you’re a moviegoer, it’s something you should be using.

#20: Molly’s Game

#19: Spider-Man: Homecoming

#18: Atomic Blonde

#17: Dunkirk

#16: Thor: Ragnarok

#15: The Disaster Artist

#14: The Lost City of Z

#13: John Wick: Chapter 2

#12: It Comes at Night

#11: The Big Sick


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