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From Worst to Best of 2017: Bottom of the Barrel

This year was the busiest of my young film critic life. I spent countless hours writing reviews for multiple films a week, and some weeks I spent countless hours on a single film. I was given many beautiful opportunities to branch out of my comfort zone while thriving in spaces I’ve grown accustomed to. I met genuine people this year at numerous screenings. I’m simply grateful for each chance to continue building this website that’s become a hobby-turned-full-time passion. I’m going to expand outside of writing and continue being myself through it all. Thanks for reading, to every person who has read and continues to interact.

My 2017 worst to best list is full of diverse films and some … not-so unique films. Nonetheless, I watched ’em, I wrote about most of ’em, and here I have ranked ’em. Lets begin with the bottom of the barrel up to my 30th ranked film.

Side note: Using Letterboxd has helped me keep a diary. If you’re a moviegoer, it’s something you should be using.

#51: Fist Fight

#50: The Mummy

#49: Ferdinand

#48: The Snowman

#47: Pitch Perfect 3

#46: Cars 3

#45: The Mountain Between Us

#44: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

#43: Power Rangers

#42: The Florida Project

#41: Beauty and the Beast

#40: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

#39: Happy Death Day

#38: Murder on the Orient Express

#37: The Foreigner

#36: Menashe

#35: Darkest Hour

#34: The LEGO Batman Movie

#33: The Greatest Showman

#32: Justice League

#31: War for the Planet of the Apes

#30: Logan


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