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Pacific Rim Uprising receives first trailer

Universal Pictures released the first official trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising on Friday. This is the follow-up film to director Guillermo del Toro‘s fun monster vesus machine spectacle. Was it the greatest film? Nope! But it was enjoyable and news of a sequel had me fist-pumping in the air.

However, I don’t feel too confident about this one after viewing the trailer. The daylight setting draws away from del Toro’s grimy, bleak background that gave the first film a feeling of destruction and despair. Uprising seems to be in a more cartoony vein, while being a bit generic. Here are some images that reinforce my reasoning:

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Actor John Boyega is giving me that slimmer of hope for a fun film like its predecessor. Let’s see …

Pacific Rim: Uprising releases March 23, 2018.


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