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3 years ago, the world lost Robin Williams

My first introduction to Robin Williams was through Mrs. Doubtfire, a film I believe still holds up in today’s age of film. I laughed, I almost cried but it was Williams that glued the film together.

From that point on, I sought out Jumanji, which broadened my imagination. Hook, which painted a different interpretation of the age-old tale of Peter Pan. The Genie in Aladdin gave me so much joy that I would rewind and fast-forward my VHS copy to watch Williams’ scenes.

The list does go on further, but it wasn’t until three years ago that I watched Good Will Hunting, a captivating film that is a classic — which goes without saying. Months later, I remember reading headlines that Williams died, which was jarring news. I just watched a film of his and couldn’t get enough of his comedy and mix of seriousness. He’s not dead, right?

Three years later, the memory of Aug. 11, 2014 lingers. I was young in film, just then learning more in-depth about the world off the Silver Screen. I didn’t know Williams battled with depression. I didn’t expect to hear news of the man I viewed as inspirational, funny and someone who glued together films I love to commit suicide.

I don’t sympathize with those who can’t find the sadness in his tragic death. Someone committing suicide isn’t just, “Oh, he/she did it to themselves.” Mental health is a true issue in the U.S., and the rest of the world.

Robin Williams would’ve been 66 years old, and he would’ve continued to make us smile regardless of his situation.

I think it’s safe to say the world was a funnier place with Williams’ presence.

If you’re battling with depression and suicidal thoughts, you aren’t alone, I promise. ❤ Here’s a link for the Suicide Prevention Lifeline and a phone number for those who would rather call: 1-800-273-8255.


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