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Report: Warner Bros. pushing out Affleck as Batman

UPDATE: Affleck responded to this report, Saturday, saying he's not going anywhere.

This has become a neverending circus for actor Ben Affleck, whose Batman/Bruce Wayne portrayl in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the best part of that film. Affleck is a good Batman, but The Hollywood Reporter has been told by a source close to the situation that Warner Bros. is working on plans to push him out of the role.

If true, this is a shame. Warner Bros. has a winner in Wonder Woman, but they've mangled the rest of the DC Extended Universe. Pushing out Affleck in his role as Batman would solidfy that this universe's future is in shambles.

The solo Batman film was supposed to be directed and acted by Affleck, but he's since stepped out of the director's chair and stuck to the acting. With this news, he may just be out of the picture altogether.

Affleck is, however, ready to join forces with his superhero pals in Justice League, expected to hit theaters Nov. 17, 2017.


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