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Dr. Doom film reportedly in production at Fox

“Because I’m at Comic-Con, I wanted to let you know about a movie I’m developing for Fox. The first word is ‘Doctor.’ And the second is ‘Doom.’”

Those were word uttered by Noah Hawley, according to, director of Marvel Television and 20th Century Fox’s Legion. The show is inspired by the world of X-Men, and surrounds a man misdiagnosed as schizophrenic. Thing is, he’s got special powers.

But back to the news out of San Diego Comic-Con 2017: Hawley confirmed a Doctor Doom film is in the works at Fox, and he’s involved.

Did you just collectively sigh? Because I did. We all can’t forget 2015’s Fantastic Four, a film destroyed by critics and fans, alike, scoring a 27 score on Metacritic. Just check out the ending, and it’ll explain everyone’s hatred for the film (Warning: It’s the end of the film, so spoilers)

There aren’t any more details confirmed by Hawley, but if the Fantastic Four films indicate anything, its to lower those expectations.


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