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Del Toro’s Shape of Water gets first trailer, and it’s beautiful

Guillermo Del Toro‘s reputation precedes him with films like Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy and Pacific Rim. The 52-year-old director isn’t afraid to flash his ambition and bring his unique imagination to life, and that holds true in the first trailer for his latest film, The Shape of Water.

The official trailer dropped, Wednesday, and comes four years since Del Toro’s last film, Pacific Rim. Plenty of fans were hoping for Hellboy 3, but studio executives just couldn’t find enough interest to pull the trigger on the project.

Alas, Del Toro’s moved on to what seems to be the beautiful Shape of Water. There’s a majestic feel to this film, and it’s already revealed that we’ll be following the relationship of Elisa (Sally Hawkins) and a mysterious creature, whom is kept under wraps by lab workers.

Elisa works at this lab with co-worker Zelda (Octavia Spencer), who is shown going through the motions during a montage in the trailer.

For more context, IMDB said this film is “set against the backdrop of Cold War era America circa 1963,” which makes sense with the attire worn by the characters and overall feel of the trailer.

The clear antagonist is none other than actor Michael Shannon, who plays a menacing boss named Strickland. Strickland specifically tells Elisa, who is mute, to clean the lab and get out.

Shannon is usually great in antagonist roles, and I got chills when he uttered this line: “We’re created in the Lord’s image. You don’t think that’s what the Lord looks like, do you?”

I long to know more about this creature and how it interacts with Elisa. I mean, just look at this beautiful photo below:


Photo: Fox Searchlight

The Shape of Water debuts in North America on Dec. 8, 2017.

Is it December yet?


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