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Baby Driver, Despicable Me 3 break bread at the weekend box office

This past week brought us two films that are worth seeing — one more than the other, however. Baby Driver and Despicable Me 3 survived their first weekend box office with totals that’ll make fans and studio executives smile. For The House, they may want to take a couple plays off.

Let’s take a look at some of the weekend box office totals for June 30-July 2, via Box Office Mojo:

  1. Despicable Me 3 $75,410,275
  2. Baby Driver $21,000,000
  3. Transformers: The Last Knight $17,000,000
  4. Wonder Woman $16,100,000
  5. Cars 3 $9,524,000
  6. The House $9,000,000

Yeah, it’s not a strict top-five list, but I had to include The House‘s less than spectacular performance at the weekend box office. For a film without much marketing, you can’t expect much, but MAN — only $9 million domestic and $11.7 million worldwide? Warner Bros. is reeling from this loss.

But enough of the negatives, let’s jump into Baby Driver‘s success. Director Edgar Wright’s films has been treated poorly in the domestic box office, which is a shame. Wright’s latest, though, seemed to break the trend a bit by scoring big at the weekend box office and grossing, after a week, a worldwide total of $36.8 million. Its production budget was $34 million, so this film has already made a bit of money back. Here’s to hoping this spectacular film keeps the box office train chugging along.


Photo: Sony Pictures

Despicable Me 3 was going to win the weekend box office no matter what, but it’s telling that the film suffered an almost 20 percent drop-off on Saturday. I think nobody should worry about this sequel, however. Minions plus … well, more minions will equal money no matter what.


Photo: Universal Pictures

Another little note: How cool is it to see Wonder Woman continue to place in the top-five week after week? Many were worried that this film may not have legs. Well, keep proving the naysayers wrong, Diana.


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