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Early box office numbers spell doom for Transformers 5

Goodness, I can do without any more Michael Bay Transformers films, but here we are with the fifth installment in the dumpster fire franchise, The Last Knight.

In North America, it got an early start on Thursday before its official release the following day. However, the North American box office numbers for Thursday were the lowest of any Transformers film at $8.1 million (Source: THR). The two-day total (some theaters screened this on Wednesday) is $23.7 million.

I do not plan on seeing this film or any after having to sit through the third film, which caused a loss of brain cells. And it seems others may be on board with the same idea, as some are speculating The Last Knight will struggle to clear $60 million during its opening weekend. Talk about sending a swift message to a studio …

Although, foreign box office numbers have exceeded domestic totals for each film in this franchise, so we’ll probably see the next two films they’ve announced.

It seems Bay is kept afloat by this franchise alone.


Transformers: The Last Knight released June 23, 2017 in North America and is rated PG-13.


2 thoughts on “Early box office numbers spell doom for Transformers 5

    • Audiences still have tendencies to throw heaps of money at films that are clear cash-grabs, but “The Last Knight” taking a fall at the box office domestically is maybe what Hollywood needs right now.

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