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Ensign Chekov, Pavel Andreievich: Remembering Anton Yelchin

I, along with many others, remember where they were when they heard the news of young actor Anton Yelchin‘s death. Far too young, Yelchin was on the cusp of his rise in Hollywood. He proved to be more than just “that poor kid in Alpha Dog” (which he was the only reason to sit through that film). Yelchin became a charming talent, and it started with Charlie Bartlett.


Photo: MGM

Bartlett didn’t do that well, and was, unfortunately, a flop at the box office. However, it gave attention to Yelchin, which led to him landing the role of Chekov in 2009’s Star Trek. This boosted the then 20-year-old’s career, making him a staple character in the revival of the long-running sci-fi series.


Photo: Paramount Pictures

Who would’ve thought I’d be repeating his line to this day, “Ensign Authorization code: nine-five-wictor-wictor-two,” after watching the first of three Trek films Yelchin starred? His charisma and ability to capture an innocent, yet ambitious member of the U.S.S. Enterprise transcended the Silver Screen — Yelchin became a face you recognized at home while watching the news.

On June 19, 2016 I walked out of Finding Dory just after noon upset at the fact a sequel was even made to Nemo. In the midst of me reflecting on Dory, I received a CNN push alert that basically said Yelchin had died.

I paused.


I couldn’t understand whether this was a hoax or not, so I took to Twitter and did some digging.

It was true: 27-year-old Anton Yelchin had died after his own car crushed him against a brick pillar at his Studio City home.

A little over a month after his death, Yelchin appeared on the Silver Screen one last time as Chekov in Star Trek Beyond. The film itself is incredibly enjoyable, but the thought of Yelchin wrapped around many moviegoers’ minds.

Yelchin will be missed in Hollywood.



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