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Future is bleak for Wolverine in first Logan trailer

The newest Wolverine film, starring Hugh Jackman as our favorite clawed-hero, gets its first trailer, which released Thursday morning.

Logan is set to release March, but Jackman and director James Mangold have dropped nuggets of information along the way. The film is centered around a more bleak world in which the X-Men are slowly being taken off the face of the planet by an evil corporation, led by one Nathaniel Essex, according to iMDb.

The trailer showed a depleted Professor X (Patrick Stewart) with presumably failing health. Logan is struggling to find motivation in a world where he’s lost many friends, until one girl comes along (Sienna Novikov) named Laura.

It seems this evil corporation is trying to capture ol’ Wolverine to do anything but have a nice conversation.

Two possible antagonists surfaced in the trailer, as well. Caliban, played by Stephen Merchant, and another man with a bionic hand.

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Check out Mangold’s tweet regarding Caliban:

Logan releases March 3rd, 2016, in North America.


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