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Suicide Squad: Welcome to the DC Punkverse

Thanks to James Profetto and Warner Bros. I got to see an early screening of one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, “Suicide Squad.” The film had a lot of pressure placed on it after the failures of “Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” were made apparent earlier this year. Does “Suicide Squad” live up to the expectations and expand the newly-minted DC cinematic universe?

The short answer is maybe, but “Suicide Squad” is a fun and occasionally chaotic superhero movie.

What I like most about “Suicide Squad” is that it looks like it was ripped straight off of the pages of a comic book. The film is bright and loud, and it unapologetically delivers action in spades.

The cast, led by Will Smith and Margot Robbie as Deadshot and Harley Quinn, respectively, are an energetic and diverse bunch that play well together. Jared Leto’s Joker has a great screen presence and both him and Quinn are pretty scary when together. All of the characters have quick scenes to introduce them to the audience which is greatly appreciated for viewers unfamiliar with the DC universe.


As for plot, “Suicide Squad” offers some interesting nuggets. If humans with extraordinary abilities did exist it would make sense that governments would try to use their powers in combat. This is why the Suicide Squad was created, but the strife in the film is largely due to the hubris shown by Amanda Waller, played brilliantly by Viola Davis, in thinking she can control them.

One aspect of the film I enjoyed is that it introduces viewers to the magical side of the DC Universe. It is genuinely exciting because of the rich characters and stories that can be farmed. Characters like Constantine, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Zatanna, Etrigan and others can conceivable be introduced or reintroduced to the big screen.


For all the praise I’m giving it, “Suicide Squad” is by no means a perfect movie.

The narrative can be chaotic and more than messy, particularly when it’s interrupted so frequently by flashbacks. Thankfully, the plot is streamlined compared to “Batman vs Superman” so viewers at least know what’s going on. I had some difficulty understanding some of the characters because of the different accents on display. Hopefully a second viewing will clear up that issue. The villain is also a little bland, but that’s par for the course when it comes to a new comic book movie.

Overall, “Suicide Squad” is a promising start to a new franchise. It introduces all of these characters in a fun way while also expanding the universe and even teasing future stories. The squad is composed of a loveable bunch of screw-ups and the film has this manic energy that courses through its run time. While I do wish the plot structure was more organized “Suicide Squad” has plenty of action and colorful characters to keep everyone entertained.


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