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Star Trek Beyond: Pushing the Frontier

I will forever be indebted to the 2009 “Star Trek” feature for launching me into the universe and cementing my fandom. Five live-action TV shows, twelve films and a graphic novel later, Star Trek continues to be one of the best commercial properties, providing great content spanning its 50 years of existence.

“Star Trek Beyond” is no exception as Justin Lin, previous director of the “Fast and Furious” films, acquits himself nicely by delivering a fun action/science-fiction blockbuster.

The film has plenty of gorgeous special effects and thrills to entice new viewers while also capturing the feel of an episode from the original series. “Star Trek Beyond” is everything that the new cinematic universe should be, providing a new story using beloved characters and dazzling effects. Basically everything that “Star Trek Into Darkness” wasn’t.


What I appreciate most about “Star Trek Beyond” is it giving all of the main crew members their due. We got to see Bones and Spock play off of each other. Scotty and the new alien, Jaylah (Sofia Boutella), had plenty of scenes together and Sulu and Uhura dealt with the villain Krall (Idris Elba).

Chris Pine really grew into his role as Kirk. I was incredibly pleased with Kirk’s portrayal since he comes across as a risk-taker, but that attribute makes him a shrewd tactician.

The two new characters, the aforementioned Jaylah and Krall, are weaved in with the established cast nicely. Krall is the antithesis of everything the Federation stands for, which contrasts well with Kirk’s devotion to the same organization. Jaylah is a fun character. She has a great look, is more than capable in both combat and engineering, and the actress has great chemistry with Simon Pegg and Chris Pine.


“Star Trek Beyond” does a marvelous job of being a light-hearted adventure film with plenty of laughs and gorgeous visuals. That said, it took me a little while to get into the movie. It may just be that I’ve seen too many films that rely heavily on visual effects and have grown jaded. However, the film did eventually win me over, which is a testament to just how fun it was. Also, the episodic nature cuts both ways since I never felt like the main cast was in any danger.

“Star Trek Beyond” is a pleasant break from the glut of superhero movies we’ve experienced this year. This is a film that proves not everything has to be dark and brooding or follow a formulaic order involving quips in the middle of a battle.

“Star Trek Beyond” pleases longtime fans of the franchise by giving us another episode of the original series extended for two hours. This is a movie that is just plain fun and will keep viewers entertained.

Also, watch it for one scene in particular, which is so awesome that I will say no more.


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