Florida Supercon was bigger and better

Sore feet, lots of patience and hundreds of dollars later, the Reflect the Screen cast conquered Florida Supercon 2016.

There was plenty to see and the Con took over (literally) every square foot of the Miami Beach Convention Center. Here’s what we took away from the 11th year of Supercon!

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Last year, Supercon didn’t sellout on a Saturday to my knowledge. This year? Every single Saturday ticket sold, along with their weekend passes, according to their Facebook page. With the added emphasis on artists over media guests, the convention floor was filled with color. Huge paintings, beautiful prints and the creator of Deadpool there to greet and sign autographs — it surpassed last year’s Supercon in terms of appreciation towards those holding the pens and pencils.

I had the chance to meet Shawn Crystal, an artist featured in Volume 2 of Deadpool. He was incredibly friendly and even cracked a couple of jokes at 10:30 in the morning. The kind artists and guests were the charm of this year’s Con. Nobody was rude, which made every penny I spent worth it.

Cosplayers really outdid themselves. There were plenty of ooh’s and awe’s throughout the day, especially with one gentleman’s take on Iron Man.

There was a life-sized (or as close to life-sized you’ll get) Gundam! That happened to be the winner of the cosplay contest, as well. Plenty of men, women and children brought characters to life in Miami. Oh, and there wasn’t a lack of Harley Quinn’s running around. They were this year’s Deadpool.

The media guests, TV and movie, were decent. The lineup last year was a bit better, but this year had the likes of Firefly’s Morena Baccarin and The Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz. Those were the two bombshells for Saturday, as Gotham’s Ben McKenzie was absent due to a delayed flight.

My brightest moment? Two words: Mick. Foley. Yes, Mankind. Yes, THE Mick Foley. I was conflicted about whether to get a photo with him, but that was my shy, childish nature spilling all over the convention floor. As a casual wrestling fan and once hardcore WWE watcher, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity. Foley was generous and nice to everyone. He even said a few words for my buddy that is the biggest wrestling fan I know.

After 12 hours at Supercon 2016 and not even $80 later, I can say I made the best of it. I didn’t cosplay, but I should’ve and will next year. It just seems fun, and I was glad to see nobody getting judged. The community came together to provide a weekend of letting your inner geek flourish.

Thanks for being good to me this year, Florida Supercon. Let’s do it again in 2017.


It was a typical day in Florida. My friend Jimmy, my brother Josh and I weaved our way through traffic in Miami to get to the convention center. Leaving the climate-controlled confines of the car, we were greeted with a blast of heat and humidity one comes to expect in summer.

We wasted no time getting in. Navigating the crowds of expectant geeks, my mind ruminated. Has it really been a year? It was hard to believe but there I was, a purple band once again dangling from my wrist, the key to another Supercon.

There were Iron Men, Daredevils, Disney Princesses, Jedi Knights, Sith Lords, anime characters I didn’t recognize and more Harley Quinns than you could shake a baseball bat at.

To say that the convention had grown is an understatement. At peak hours it was hard to move around as throngs of people examined stalls, chatted, snapped pictures, haggled, stopped for food, or simply made their way through the floor.

It was a classic example of sensory overload. People dressed as characters walked by, inspired by every piece of media, from the popular to the obscure. There were Iron Men, Daredevils, Disney Princesses, Jedi Knights, Sith Lords, anime characters I didn’t recognize and more Harley Quinns than you could shake a baseball bat at.



My group met with friends and we spent most of our day wandering the packed convention halls, soaking in all we could. The most popular stall sold replica lightsabers with the tag “Yes, you can duel with these!” My brother snagged an autograph from a Star Trek actor while my friend met the legendary wrestler Mick Foley. I walked away with three art prints and a new wallet. We met and chatted with strangers, took pictures of all the cool costumes (looking at you Wing Zero) and caught the cosplay contest at the end.

When I arrived home, my legs sore from hours of standing, I relished the memories we had made at Supercon. I was hesitant before my first convention, but I now realize that it affords geeks from across the state an amazing opportunity. It’s a place to meet with others who are just as passionate about their fandom. You can do a little buying or selling, but, to be honest, that’s entirely optional.

Supercon is fun if you just show up and gawk at all the cool stuff. It’s a guarantee that I’ll be back next year!

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