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I’ve never owned 2 video game consoles, and why that’ll change

I’m 7 years old, and if you ask me what a video game is, I’d draw a blank stare.

I walked up the sets of stairs in our two-story house, skipping every other carpet-covered step. I practically float on air before reaching my parents’ room.

I sit, crossing my legs, like they taught in school.

There it is.

A Super Nintendo Entertainment System in pristine condition. It had been the first video game console I used.


I’ll never forget spending hours staring at my parents’ television, which I thought was the biggest TV I’d ever witnessed in my young life. It was about 30 inches.

So, not very large.

Each time I pressed left, right and left again on the D-pad, I felt each pixel move. I knew I was controlling the destiny of one small character.

Video games moved through my blood ever since.

Thing is, life caught up to me and I’ve been off and on with how much I play video games. I own one console, the One, and I’ve missed on tremendous creations.

The most consistent factor about my video-game life has been that I’ve only owned one console at a time.

Xbox 360? Time to trade-in my Xbox for credit! Nintendo Gamecube? Let’s rinse and repeat — trade-in my N64 for barely any credit!

I feel bad. I feel as if I’ve let the pleasure of games, like “The Last of Us,” “Uncharted” and “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker,” pass on by. “God of War” is a game I’ve never sat and played, which makes me kick myself.

I told myself I’d buy a PS3 along with my Xbox 360.


I told myself I’d buy a PS4 and Xbox One.



What’s stopping me? Why can’t I purchase two consoles?

Yeah, yeah, it isn’t a necessity, and my girlfriend would tell you that, but I want to experience what it is I’ve missed.

E3 2016, one of the world’s largest electronics expos, begins June 13 with Microsoft’s press conference. As an owner of the One, I’m partial to this conference. I’m excited and antsy for what could surprise me.

Then, there’s Sony’s conference. I’m anxious for this, too.

But why? I don’t own a PS4. I’ve never owned a Sony console. I would’ve owned a PS2 instead of a Gamecube, but I was convinced there were “too many adult games for it.” Instead, I scared myself a bit with “Luigi’s Mansion.”

I want to own two consoles. I don’t want to create more voids, like my 7-year-old self. I can finally own two consoles and fulfill a (tiny) dream.

I owe it to myself to stop missing out on even those tiny bits of happiness.

Photos: Wikipedia, Technabob

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