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X-Men: Apocalypse is a fun, relax-your-mind-and-just-watch superhero film

I envisioned before I plopped into my seat what to expect from Bryan Singer’s next X-Men installment: awesome action and an annoying Jennifer Lawrence.

Good thing the film followed through with both.

“X-Men: Apocalypse” introduces Oscar Issac as the world’s first mutant and ultimate badass, Apocalypse. Born from the debris of a transference session gone wrong (which happens to be one of the coolest action sequences in the film), the glorious product of makeup artist Diala Aleid and Co. arises after years of slumber with an intent to rule the world! THE WORLD!


So, he recruits some vulnerable mutants, like Storm, to help him take down those who oppose him.

The highlights of “Apocalypse” were actors James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender putting on a great show. I could’ve heard a pin grace the popcorn-laden floors of our theater after Fassbender’s forest scene.

Oscar Issac was, well, not entirely notable. Not because I don’t think he did a good job, but because his role could’ve been filled by plenty of others. CGI, makeup and a computer-generated voice were the ingredients of the towering villain. Still, Apocalypse was a fun villain with an amazing speech that made me want to fight alongside the Brotherhood.

Sophie Turner plays Jean Grey and impressed me with her depiction of the character. Plenty had an issue with her American accent, but it’s tolerable enough.

There’s not much the film surprised us with, partly because X-Men films have gone through the wringer and been regurgitated enough times to know that the good guys (kind of) win each time.

My biggest gripe with “Apocalypse” is the force-feeding of Jennifer Lawrence. Bryan Singer and writer Simon Kinberg desperately wanted to make Lawrence’s character, Raven, the leader of the X-Men. The movie ends with some of the young mutants lined up and ready for instructions from their newfound leader (hint, it’s Raven). It doesn’t work, but I think this is beyond the writing — J-Law can’t be a good action star.

The film is fun, presents a set-up for the younger generation of mutants and sprinkles enough of McAvoy and Fassbender to keep it relevant in the acting category.

Also, thank God Wolverine took that stupid Toys “R” Us headgear off before sprinting off into the cold wilderness. He would’ve been laughed at so hard by the others.


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