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Coloring Book gives color to the summertime

Carefree and a voice as cartoonish as the emcee in question, Chance the Rapper brings us the fourth mixtape that includes a gospel kick. “Coloring Book” is cheerful in nature, but soulful to the touch. The Chicago rapper allows us into his world post-“Acid Rap,”and he’s found his religious side.

coloring book.jpg

I love that the project exudes a semi-serious undertone. It’s Chance stepping away from too much of the fast-paced lifestyle of drinking and smoking. That attitude is on display with “Same Drugs,” a song that boasts he’s not on the same drugs as you anymore.

The mixtape is featuring some notable artists, but it’s Chance’s catchy voice that ties everything together with a bow; his voice captures his kiddish, yet efficient flow. And I mean kiddish in the kindest way possible (see: “All Night”).

The gospel rang high throughout this one, but it worked. Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo” introduced gospel vibes, but it works better on “Coloring Book.” There’s a rhythm that suits summertime while placing the listener inside of a Sunday church service.

There’s a replay value to this that isn’t found with other projects. When I say replay value, I mean the entire tape, not just two or three songs. It gets better when you listen to the same track once or five times.

Chance the Rapper stays inside the lines with “Coloring Book” and brings us a solo tape that holds up against any hiphop studio album this year.


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