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Debut mixtape introduces different approach

Rapper Kill Cool Hand debuts with his self-title mixtape, “Kill Cool Hand.” Released in March on Soundcloud, the tape brings something off the beaten path.

It begins with setting the scene — we’re in Cool Hand’s world for 12 tracks. “It’s Not Okay” describes a bit of the MC to the listener while the ambience makes you feel as if it’s time to sit back, put your headphones on and close your eyes for a while.

Don’t expect to get much rest, though.

Cool Hand brings an angry flow at many points, speeds up his cadence and then brings it back to a slower progression. It’s interesting to see how versatile he is, which is a huge positive that many rappers struggle to attain with debuts.

There’s clear-cut production on “Kill Cool Hand” that shows the former music student’s teachings paying off well. He manages to select beats that fit his flow — beats that, also, slap the listener in the face.Although, there’s a constant sound in some of his songs; it’s a sound that produces low-lying, distorted bass. It’s good in spurts, but the mixtape suffers when it’s overused.

The first half is merely an introduction, as the second half is what the mixtape wants to be: dark, grungy and an attitude that says “I’m doing what want!”

The only issue is, the latter half doesn’t hold up well. “Don’t Shit Matter” sounds a tad out of place with the overall feel of the mixtape. The song has a beat switch, yet I was genuinely enjoying everything before it. Then it delved into a very, very slow paced beat that took me out of the song.

What I did love is the lighthearted lyricism. There’s a lyric about quesadillas that made me smile — Cool Hand is self-aware.

“Kill Cool Hand” dabbles in many elements and knows what it wants to be: a mixtape that isn’t the generic trap beats, lines about blow and women. It wants to separate itself. The mixtape can be summed up well in one line off “Support of Excavation”: “Life is experimental, transitional …”

I’m looking forward to the sophomore work from Kill Cool Hand, and to see if the world of Cool Hand grows out of some of the confusion found on the self-titled tape.


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