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The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Review

“The Walking Dead” season six finale is, I would argue, the most emotionally charged and terrifying finale of the show so far. As Eugene said, this episode is “as [serious] as coronary thrombosis.” For a complete recap of season six up to this point, check out my article here.

(Warning: From here on out there will be spoilers for this episode)

The episode was fantastic. Far better than several of the season finales we have had to sit through.

I have to talk about the very interesting clash of philosophies between Carol and Morgan before we move to Negan. Carol left Alexandria two episodes ago because she can no longer kill to protect the ones she cares for. When Morgan finds her they have a bit of an argument and Carol says that if one can’t kill, yet one wants to protect those around them, then that person should just leave. They can’t have it both ways.

Of course, Morgan, a character who has been built from the beginning of the season as one who no longer kills, disagrees with her. He believes that one can care for people, stay with them to protect them and refrain from killing. Carol does not think this is possible.

This differing ideology was one of the more interesting portions of the episode, and Carol’s view is given some validation when Morgan is forced to kill a man who has Carol at gunpoint. For me, this was very thought-provoking and surprisingly philosophical when one looks beyond the surface level.

The way in which we are introduced to the Savior’s true potential as a feared entity is, as one would expect, nerve-racking. After the group is forced to abandon their RV and take Maggie to Hilltop by foot, they hear the eerie whistling of the Saviors, an indication that they are slowly approaching and surrounding their prey. There is no escape to be found. This is the most terrifying moment of the season and Rick’s face has never known so much fear.

As far as villains are concerned, Negan wins all the prizes and competitions. The maliciousness of the character, the brutal, yet self-controlled body language, the intelligent manner of speaking — it all gives testimony to how utterly terrifying Negan is as an antagonist.

Major congratulations are in order to Jeffery Dean Morgan’s portrayal of Negan. The Governor looks like a tame kitty swatting at a butterfly on a Sunday afternoon compared to Negan.


This is a small example of Negan’s cruel nature in the book, which is perfectly emulated by Jeffery Dean Morgan.

As long time readers of “The Walking Dead” will remember, issue #100 was a big one. We saw a beloved character get murdered by Negan and his bat, Lucille. I will not say who it was in the comic, in case the reader hasn’t gone through those yet, but I will say that Negan does take his precious weapon to someone’s head. We see the swing from the first-person perspective of the character being hit and, before the screen goes black, we see two more hits and blood running down the screen. We finish the season with sounds of Negan savagely slamming Lucille upon this mysterious character over and over again.

Now, we wait until October to find out who it was that we lost and I can imagine that many fans will not like it.

Personally, I am torn. I don’t know if I like the idea of the show-runners keeping us in the dark for the next seven months, but part of me knows that the suspense will make the premier of season seven even more exciting. Either way, there will be plenty of fan theories and opinions on who got the bat and who didn’t. My guess? I think it’s Daryl, although Glenn has a high likelihood as well.


Here’s to hoping that the next season can give us plenty more to talk about.

Overall Season 6 rating: 9/10


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