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Fond Star Wars Memories on the Eve of The Force Awakens

As most Star Wars fans know, “The Force Awakens” releases on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital copy, Tuesday.

From Darth Vader’s reveal as Luke’s father to Jar-Jar Binks, there’s bound to be a fond memory among us here at Reflections of the Screen. So, we’ve put down our lightsabers to write which memory stuck with us the most to this point!

James Profetto

Jar-Jar Binks on a Mountain Dew can.

It sounds horrible, right? My grandfather used to collect commemorative soda cans and, one day, handed me the green can with an odd creature featured on the side of it. I asked what in the world this could be and he answered, “It’s Star Wars! Ask your father about it.” From there, I began to get engrossed in the culture.

I saw episodes I, II and III before watching the original trilogy on VHS. Safe to say that, even as a child, the prequel trilogy made me really upset.

So, Jar-Jar Binks and a soda can got me into Star Wars. Who the heck could make that up?

Cesar Rios-Perez

Much like others, “Star Wars” had a profound effect on my childhood. I was living in Puerto Rico at the time, a child of no more than 7 years old, when the movies were re-released theatrically. It was the 20th anniversary of the premiere of the original trilogy and my parents decided to take me so I could revel in the magic of the movie. A conversation much later revealed that the reason I was taken to see Star Wars was because the tickets were cheap. In any case, my childhood-self was riveted by “A New Hope” from start to finish.

At the time, I wasn’t really interested in seeing movies, more content to catch the next episode of Power Rangers, play with my Tonka truck, or do barrel rolls in Star Fox for the Super Nintendo. “A New Hope” introduced me to the power of movies, how they can introduce to other worlds and make you care about characters that don’t exist. The child who went into that theater wasn’t the same after the credits rolled.

The one moment that got to me was when Luke Skywalker fires his photon torpedoes and breathes a sigh of relief. The rest of the rebel fighters make their daring escape as the Death Star explodes into thousands of tiny pieces, shining against the void of space like so many stars. Even now, a smile comes to my face as I remember getting as close as I could to the screen while still remaining in my seat, my small feet searching for the floor, before I shot upwards in joy and excitement as the space station vanished in a blinding light.

Caio Rodrigues

I was about 12 or 13 years old and I remember riding my bicycle to the closest Blockbuster (I lived through the days of renting VHS’ and DVD’s from Blockbuster) and renting each film one by one.

After going through the three original movies I walked into my living room and told my parents, “Guys, I have to say that Star Wars is the greatest story that movies have ever told!” Of course, my parents saw the movies in theaters when they were released and they aren’t huge fans of the franchise, so they just laughed at my nerd meter going up. But I was enthusiastic about it and since then I have loved Star Wars.

I very much enjoyed The Force Awakens, despite the many issues I have with the film. It is great to see Star Wars finally reaching the potential we all want from the franchise, which was sorely lacking from Episodes I, II, and III. Here’s to hoping that the upcoming Rogue One and Episode VIII releases keep improving and delivers what fans deserve.

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