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Batman v. Superman: Why This Film is a Failure, Part I

This particular paper of mine is a kind of mini-treatise on why “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is, in my estimation, a terrible movie. It will contain spoilers because most of the heinous crimes this movie commits cannot be explained without properly giving away nearly all the major plot points (as shallow as they may be). You have been warned.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is one of the most anticipated superhero movies to come around in recent memory. Batman has gained more popularity and cultural significance after Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, while Superman is arguably the most well known superhero of all time. BvS had a lot of promise and high expectations yet, sadly, it broke promises and let us down.

The Positives

Let us begin by discussing what I liked about this movie because, despite the negative tone of this review, there are some gems to be gathered from this mess of a film.

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne was excellent. I had high hopes for his performance and was in the minority when it came to his ability to play the role. Wayne’s motivations were well-justified and explained.

In several scenes we see him give reasons for why he doesn’t trust the alien Superman and it is quite believable. The movie begins showing Metropolis during the final General Zod fight from “Man of Steel” and Wayne witnessing Wayne Tower toppling over before him. The emotional weight on his shoulders is palpable while seeing his world being dominated by beings who have no regard for life.

Affleck is the best Batman to hit the screen by leaps and bounds. At least we are given an explanation for why his voice is darker while in the Batsuit: He has a microphone attached to it that alters his voice. See, Nolan? It is not that difficult to keep your Batman from sounding like he has the most sore of throats.

Along the same lines, Jeremy Irons’ performance as Alfred Pennyworth was equally as good. The relationship between the two men is sold with convincing ease; it is quite obvious that they have been together through many hardships in Wayne’s twenty years of fighting crime as the Masked Crusader.

Finally, I thought the film did an excellent job at giving us a view of how absolutely terrifying Batman is as an embodiment of fear-in-itself. Batman has become brutal in his old age and, once again, we are given good reason for why this is. The warehouse scene where Batman fights off a small army in visceral hand-to-hand combat is one of the best fight sequences any Batman in any film has gone through.


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